Looking to open your first pharmacy?

If you’re like most people then you’re probably anxious about the experience. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone!

Launching your own business can be daunting—just ask our founders Steve and Paula. Even though it was over 30 years ago, the experience of starting O’Connell Store Fixtures from nothing has kept us familiar with the needs and pressures of First-Time Owners.

Over the years, we’ve helped launched countless stores on their path to success. We bring a wealth of experience to the project and our in-depth knowledge of industry standards makes us a valuable and reassuring resource to our clients.


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The Pharmacy Design Process

When our team starts working on a new store, we’re with you for every stage of the process. Our goal is to educate you and ensure you understand what’s demanded when starting this new business—here are just a few of the things that we’ll cover:

  • Pre-lease inspection: You wouldn’t buy a house without a home inspection. Why would a store be any different?
  • Zoning check: Do you know what zoning bylaws you have to consider when starting a new business in your municipality? We’ll help you go to city hall and check this out.
  • Site inspection: Have you seen inside your new building? Do you know if the structure is in good condition or requires work before the installation? If there’s damage from mould or water, then it could add an additional expense.
  • Lease review: Do you know what your lease entails? Renting a business space is nothing like renting a living space and you aren’t afforded the same legal protection. It’s important to get expert advice before signing your new lease.
  • Financing: How are you going to finance your new business? Have you considered all your options? We’ve helped others with this before and we can connect you with the right people.
  • Contracting: Who are you going to use for electricity, plumbing and flooring? Do you know if these are reputable contractors? We work with only the best and we can easily refer you.

At O’Connell, it’s very important for us to understand your expectations beforehand. What do you want your new store to look like? How much do you know about the process? These questions will help us determine how we can help your store become a success.

Specialty Services at Your Pharmacy

Before you get too far into the pharmacy design process, you also may to consider whether your pharmacy will focus on any specialty services, such as:

  • A methadone clinic
  • Sterile compounding products
  • Injectable products
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Long-term care
  • And more

In these cases, you may require a clean room or an ante-room that needs to be specifically designed to meet OCP regulations for these services. All these aspects of a pharmacy should be planned for well in advance and discussed at an early stage of the process.

The O’Connell team has the ability to make these specialty services a reality for your store, along with a number of other optional features. We have a proven reputation as an innovator in the industry. If you let us know, we can modify your store’s plan to make it work.

If you’re opening a new pharmacy and you’d like our help, visit our contact page to get in touch.