Did You Do Your Due Diligence? #6: Pharmacy Renovation

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At O’Connell Store Fixtures, installing store fixtures is the smallest part of what we do. Our team is here to launch your new pharmacy on the path to success — and that begins with proper planning.

Our new blog series, “Did You Do Your Due Diligence?”, will showcase real life stories of pharmacy owners in Ontario who failed to plan properly. Read our blogs to learn how to avoid their mistakes and develop strategies for doing ‘due diligence’ when building a pharmacy!

In the sixth edition of “Did You Do Your Due Diligence?”, we are going to talk about how to do your pharmacy renovations properly. The main thing to remember when you get renovations done is that you get what you pay for

Quotes for pharmacy renovations will vary from company to company, but don’t be fooled by low quotes. You might wonder, ‘Why is this one company so expensive?’ Instead, you should be asking, ‘Why is everyone else so cheap?’

Here’s what we recommend: take your cheaper quotes back to the people who gave you the most expensive option and ask them to explain the difference to you. You may gain an understanding of why the alternative is so cheap at the end of the conversation.

One of our clients did this with us, after being quoted 50% less than what we were proposing. He asked us, ‘How can you guys be so expensive?’ What we discovered was that our competitor was using low-end materials and their quote included a ton of hidden costs. Some necessary items were outright missing from the quote! In the end, our client went with us — because he knew that we would do the job right.

What’s the takeaway? Do your pharmacy renovation properly. Get different quotes and find someone who can read them properly for you and explain the difference. Do your due diligence!

With us, you get what you ask for. Contact the team at O’Connell Store Fixtures in Ontario for a pharmacy renovation quote.

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